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Advisory and Revisions Board

current members: David Lister (Chair); James Wilson (Secretary); Göran Appelgren; Josephine Appelgren; Alan Cowley; Robert Gill; John Elliott; Fred Elphick; Alan Lewin; Stephen McNeilly; Alex Murray; and Ken Ryder.

The A&R Board meets twice a year to supervise the Society’s publishing and research projects, with particular emphasis on translation and reference works.

Executive Subcommittee

current members: Alan Cowley; David Lister; Stephen McNeilly; and Alec Morley.

The Executive Subcommittee is comprised of the four officers of the Society (Chair; Executive Director; Treasurer; and Vice-Chair) and meets four times a year to review and plan the full spectrum of the Society’s activities and responsibilities.

Finance and Property Subcommittee

current members: Andrew Bentley; John Cunningham; David Lister; Stephen McNeilly; Alec Morley; and Nigel Sutton.

The Finance and Property Subcommittee meets four times a year ahead of Trustee meetings to plan and review the Society’s finances and supervise matters relating to its building’s uses and upkeep.