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The Swedenborg Doctoral Scholarship (SDS)

The Swedenborg Doctoral Scholarship is a tuition funded three-year postgraduate DPhil/PhD Scholarship for outstanding candidates whose research topic explores the study of Swedenborg within the Humanities and Social Sciences. We encourage applications from candidates who are able to draw connections between Swedenborgian ideas and areas of studies within, but not exclusive to, the following areas:

History of Ideas



Visual Arts

History of Science

Eighteenth-century Studies

Nineteenth-century social reform movements,

Film Studies

History of Art

The Swedenborg scholarship will fund scholarships for candidates in partnership with accredited universities throughout the United Kingdom and North America. It covers the cost of fees at the full-time rate for DPhil./PhD degrees. The programme commenced in 2018.


The aim of the SDS is to support outstanding research at universities within the United Kingdom and North America for the academic study of Emanuel Swedenborg and his intellectual/cultural impact.

The SDS does not fund students directly but provides payment for fees to the University in which the candidate has made a successful application. The Scholarship will support a maximum of 3 students per year. Beneficiaries are selected by an independent academic review board. Applications are welcome all year round.

The scholarship encourages the development of a network of past and present SD Scholars who will, via social media and other means, share ideas and research. As part of our support for this network, the Society will host an annual conference/seminar during which past and present students, plus key academics and others with an interest in this field, will be asked to give a presentation of their research.

All proposals will be assessed by an independent academic review board.

Opportunities to publish outstanding research will also be offered. The SDS is subsidised by the Swedenborg Society at full time UK domestic rates. The Swedenborg Society a registered UK Charity (number 209172).


Candidates will normally possess a first-class undergraduate honours degree and a master’s degree or equivalent.

Prospective students will need to have completed five steps:

  1. Prepared a concise research proposal of around 2000-5000 words;
  2. Identified an appropriate university and department for your research;
  3. Discussed your research proposal with a potential supervisor;
  4. Have applied for, or are in the processing of applying for, the relevant DPhil./Ph.D. programme;
  5. Have completed the Swedenborg DPhil/Ph.D. scholarship application form below.

The Swedenborg Doctoral Scholarship (SDS)