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Dell Joseph Rose

Dell Joseph Rose is a student currently pursuing his DPhil at the University of Amsterdam, at the Center for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents. He has been a Doctoral Scholar of the Swedenborg Society, since 2021 and has a private Fellowship provided by the Dove Family, since 2020.


Dell graduated in 2013 from King University in Bristol, Tennessee, where he majored in English, History, and Religion. In 2015 he completed a Master’s degree in Folklore at Western Kentucky University, where he focused on the history and theology of a small religion founded in Quebec, known as La Mission de l’Esprit Saint. He continued his academic studies at the University of California Santa Barbara with Dr. Elliot Wolfson, before deciding to pursue the DPhil at the University of Amsterdam, where he is supervised by Dr. Marco Passi and Dr. Wouter Hanegraaff. He has studied Swedenborg, and all things Swedenborgian for several years, and is very interested in expanding this field.


Dell’s current research project at the University of Amsterdam will focus on the political and cultural significance of Charles Augustus Tulk, and his introduction of Swedenborgian ideas into 19th Century Britain’s political sphere, focusing especially on reform societies. It will also be the first widespread consideration of the role that Swedenborgianism had in supporting the popular ‘One-Nation’ conservatism of Benjamin Disraeli.



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