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JACOB CARTWRIGHT is the Building Manager at Swedenborg House. His role is multi-faceted, ranging from managing building maintenance and renovation projects to being responsible for security and health and safety. Jacob also manages the provision of a concierge service for our room hire clients. His favourite role is that of in-house gardener. In his other life he is an artist and film-maker.


DENISE PRENTICE is the Society’s part-time Administrator and Office Manager. Since graduating from the University of Essex with a degree in English & European Laws, she has worked in the sectors of Law, Retail and Finance. Her diverse professional background has taken her into both the Private and Public sectors, informing her expertise in business operations and organizational development. In addition to her work at the Society, Denise runs a communications consultancy providing copywriting and communication strategies to businesses and creative projects.


AVERY CURRAN is the Events Co-ordinator and a Publishing Assistant at the Swedenborg Society. Avery graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in History and became aware of Swedenborg from her studies in the history of spiritualism. She now organizes events, runs social media and copy-edits everything from the Swedenborg Review to the various books published by the Society. In addition to her work at Swedenborg House she has also been involved in writing blurbs for romance novels, gallery curation and research for non-fiction books. Avery is doing an MA at Birkbeck, University of London in Victorian studies, where she intends to work on late-nineteenth-century spiritualist culture.


JAMES WILSON is an editor at the Society and Secretary of its Advisory and Revision Board. James has previously served as librarian and has worked for the Society in various capacities since studying English Language and Literature at King’s College London.

OLIVER HANCOCK is a Publishing Assistant at the Society. Oliver studied English Literature and Language at the University of Oxford, and completed UCL’s Issues in Modern Culture MA, before starting his involvement with the Swedenborg Society in a volunteering capacity. Having spent several months working in the bookshop, he is now employed on a part-time basis by the publishing arm of the Society. His main responsibility involves proofreading and editing new material for publication by the Society, though he also helps with a variety of other office, admin and online tasks.


MAIA GAFFNEY-HYDE is the Publishing and Press Assistant for the Swedenborg Society. Her work also encompasses the upkeep of the bookshop and general tasks in the day-to-day running of the Society. She studied her BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, specializing in painting and her MA in Critical Writing in Art and Design at the Royal College of Art.


ALEX MURRAY is the Society’s Archivist and Librarian. A graduate in English Literature & Film Studies from the University of Northumbria, Alex first interned at the Society three days a week to gain experience in the library, bookshop and publishing. He is now employed part-time in the vital role of creating a systematic database for the library, and is also undertaking an MA in Nineteenth-Century Studies at King’s College London. Read Alex’s regular staff blog here.


STEPHEN MCNEILLY is the Society’s Executive Director and Museum Director. He oversees the Society’s publishing, exhibition and events programme. He has published several books on Swedenborg and curated numerous exhibitions. During his time as Director he has set up the Swedenborg Archive imprint, the Swedenborg Residency Programme, the Swedenborg Review and the Swedenborg Short Film Festival. Stephen graduated in Visual Art in 1992, completed his Masters in Critical Theory in 2000 and registered for a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Warwick University under the supervision of Andrew Benjamin in 2001. Between 2004 and 2012 he was a visiting lecturer in Art, Philosophy and Critical Theory at the University of Creative Arts (Canterbury), Central St Martins, London and other universities on undergraduate and post-graduate courses.