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Mission Statement

The Swedenborg Society provides for the continuation of the public knowledge of the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, the appreciation of Swedenborg’s ideas and the influence of his works on later generations. We hold that Swedenborg’s work and legacy will always remain of importance and we support work that is evidence of its continued relevance. As an institution in the service of society, and open to the public, we give home to a permanent collection of artefacts, a library, a bookroom, an exhibition space and meeting rooms. The Society offers a community to all who share these interests and, within its means, assistance for those who seriously wish to further those interests in research or interpretation. The Society is a fully inclusive organization and is committed to maintaining an ethos in which every person feels welcomed, valued and respected regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnicity, political affiliations, age, sexual orientation or gender.

For those who would like to become members of the Society please follow the Be a member link below.

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