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Published Works of Swedenborg

1709: Selected Sentences (published in Uppsala).

1714: Ludus Heliconius (published in Griefswald).

1715: Festivus Applausus (published in Griefswald).

1715: Camena Borea  (published in Griefswald).

1716-18:  Daedalus Hyperboreus (published in Uppsala).

1718: Algebra (published in Uppsala).

1718: To Find the Longitude (published in Uppsala).

1719: The Motion & Position of the Earth & Planets (published in Skara).

1719: Height of Water (published in Stockholm).

1719: A Decimal System for Money and Measurements (published in Stockholm).

1719: Docks, Canal Locks, and Salt Works (published in Stockholm).

1721: Prodromus or Some Specimens of a Work on the Principles of Natural Philosophy (published in Amsterdam).

1721: New Observations on Iron and Fire  (published in Amsterdam).

1721: A New Method of Finding the Longitudes of Places, on Land or at Sea, by Lunar Observations (published in Amsterdam).

1721: A New Method for the Construction of a Dock. A New Construction of a Dam (published in Amsterdam).

1722: Miscellaneous Observations: parts 1, 2, 3 (published in Leipzig); part 4 (published in Hamburg).

1722: Swedish Coinage (published in Stockholm).

1734: The Infinite and the Final Cause of Creation; The Mechanism of the Operation of the Soul and the Body (published in Leipzig).

1734: Opera Philosophica et Mineralia vol. 1. The Principia; vol. 2. Concerning Iron; vol. 3, Concerning Copper (published in Leipzig).

1740-2: The Economy of the Animal Kingdom parts 1, 2  (published in Amsterdam).

1744-45: The Animal Kingdom parts 1, 2 (published in The Hague); part 3 (published in London).

1745: The Worship and Love of God parts 1, 2 (published in London).

1749-56: Arcana Caelestia vols. 1-8 (published in London).

1758: The Worlds in Space (published in London).

1758: Heaven and Hell (published in London).

1758: The Last Judgment (published in London).

1758: The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine (published in London).

1758: The White Horse (published in London).

1763: The Doctrine of the Lord  (published in Amsterdam).

1763: The Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture (published in Amsterdam).

1763: The Doctrine of Life (published in Amsterdam).

1763: The Doctrine of Faith (published in Amsterdam).

1763: Continuation on the Last Judgment (published in Amsterdam).

1763: Divine Love and Wisdom (published in Amsterdam).

1764: Divine Providence (published in Amsterdam).

1766: The Apocalypse Revealed (published in Amsterdam).

1766: New Method of Finding the Longitudes of Places on Land and Sea by means of the Moon (published in Amsterdam).

1768: Conjugial Love (published in Amsterdam).

1769: Brief Exposition of the Doctrines of the New Church (published in Amsterdam).

1769: The Interaction of the Soul and the Body (published in London).

1771: The True Christian Religion (published in Amsterdam).

1771: Swedish Coinage and Exchange (published in Uppsala).