EMANUEL SWEDENBORG : The Development of his Thought

Author: Martin Lamm

Translator: Tomas Spiers | Anders Hallengren

Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation

Date of Publication: 2000

Place of Publication: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

Pages: 383

Series: Swedenborg Studies #9

Dimensions: 150 x 227 mm

Language: English

ISBN: 0 87785 193 X


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Available for the first time in English, Martin Lamm’s work on the evolution of Emanuel Swedenborg’s (1688-1772) philosphical system has stood as the standard humanist interpretation of Swedenborg’s writings. First published in Swedish in 1915, the book has influenced generations of European scholars. His detailed investigation of the philosophical and religious background of Swedenborgian thought is an illuminating inquiry into the mystery of how Swedenborg was transformed from a scientist into a seer.

Lamm demonstrates that there is a logical and consistent line of thought developed from Swedenborg’s earliest childhood experiences to his most mature theological statements. Backed by scholarly evidence, Lamm shows that Swedenborg’s scientifically based world view was not changed by his religious revelations—rather, his visions completed and corroborated the picture.

Martin Lamm’s analysis of the genesis of Swedenborgian philosophy is a masterful and lively portrait of one of history’s most remarkable thinkers.


Author bio

Martin Lamm was a member of the Swedish Academy and chairman of the Department of History of Literature at Stockholm University. Among his other works that have become classics of Scandinavian scholarship are Johan Gabriel Oxenstierna (1911), Upplysningstidens romantik (1918), Strindbergs dramer (1924), August Strindberg (1940) and Det moderna dramat (1948).

Additional Information

This book can be purchased from the Swedenborg Society in London, however, if you are in the USA, you can order directly from the Swedenborg Foundation.


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