The Story of Swedenborg in 27 Objects : exhibition guide 2021

Author: Stephen McNeilly

Publisher: Swedenborg Society

Date of Publication: 2021

Place of Publication: London

Edition: first

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 165mm x 245mm

Language: English

Cover/Book Design: Kessler Voges

ISBN: 978-0-85448-222-1


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Written and designed to accompany an exhibition entitled THE STORY OF SWEDENBORG IN 27 OBJECTS, Museum Director and Curator Stephen McNeilly guides the reader through a history and biography of Swedenborg through the selection of 27 historical artefacts and artworks held in the Swedenborg House Collection.

Including prints by William Blake and marginalia by S T Coleridge, the booklet also discusses items by from the hand of Josephine Butler, Queen Ulrika Eleonora, R W Emerson, John Flaxman, J V Hultkrantz, Helen Keller, T E Lawrence, Philip de Loutherbourg, Preston Powers, Charles Singer, D T Suzuki, Vernon Watkins and J J G Wilkinson.

In addition to these commentaries the 32 full colour booklet also contains five photographs by the artist and designer Kessler Voges.

Information about the exhibition and sample commentaries can be found at the link below.



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