Author: Hugo Lj. Odhner

Translator: Kazno Takahashi

Publisher: The Swedenborg Scientific Association

Date of Publication: 1988

Language: Japanese

ISBN: 4-531-08056-4


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The subject of the human mind is treated in these essays without pretence of covering all aspects of man’s mental constitution. But it is to be hoped that behind the topics here considered there should emerge the new view of man’s place in the cosmic whole, which unfolds in the writings of the New Church and which it takes human minds to envision. There is need for a further study of the relation of the will to the understanding, as presented in the Divine Love and Wisdom. Another set of teachings could be brought out if the human mind were considered with more specific reference to the processes of man’s regeneration. Some other articles by the present writer may be recommended as supplemental reading.


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