Angels A History

Author: Peter Stanford

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Date of Publication: 2020

Place of Publication: London, UK

Pages: 344

Dimensions: 197 x 127 mm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-473-62209-8


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In a secular, sceptical and scientific world, the popularity of angels is a striking anomaly. But what exactly are angels, and why have so many in different times and contexts around the globe believed in them? What is their history and role in the great faiths and beyond their walls? Are angels something real, a manifestation of divine concern? Or part of the poetry of religion? And can they continue to illuminate a deeper truth about human existence and the cosmos?

PETER STANFORD is a writer, journalist and broadcaster. His previous investigations into the history, theology and cultural significance of religious ideas include Judas: The Troubling History of the Renegade Apostle and Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident. He is a former editor of the Catholic Herald, and writes for the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, as well as The Observer and The Tablet. For the Swedenborg Society, Peter wrote an introduction to Swedenborg’s Introducing the New Jerusalem.

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