De Nova Hierosolyma et ejus Doctrina Coelesti (dual language) : The New Jerusalem and Heaven's Teaching for It

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Translator: John Chadwick & John Elliott

Editor: John Elliott

Publisher: Swedenborg Society

Introduction: John Elliott

Date of Publication: 2023

Place of Publication: London, UK

Pages: 398

Dimensions: 145 x 220 mm

Language: English | Latin

Cover/Book Design: Stephen McNeilly

ISBN: 978-0-85448-227-6


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The New Jerusalem and Heaven’s Teaching for It | De Nova Hierosolyma et ejus Doctrina Coelesti ISBN 978-0-85448-227-6 Price £13.95

Swedenborg’s New Jerusalem is perhaps the most concise and accessible overview of the theological concerns of his writings, with 23 short chapters on such subjects as good and truth, love, charity, heaven and hell, and Sacred Scripture. This new dual language Latin and English edition, edited by John Elliott and translated by John Chadwick and John Elliott, is the first complete new translation (including all of Swedenborg’s lengthy but important sections of references to Arcana Caelestia that comprise almost two thirds of the text) to be issued by the Society since R L Tafel’s in 1901.

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Translation and new Latin edition of De Nova Hierosolyma et ejus Doctrina Coelesti (1758). The translation of the sections of references to Arcana Caelestia is a brand new one by John Elliott. The text of the main chapters is a sensitive revision (for consistency throughout the volume) by John Elliott of John Chadwick’s 1990 English translation. The volume features a new ‘Editor and Translator’s Introduction’ by John Elliott; John Chadwick’s Preface to the 1990 English translation; and full critical apparatus, including a table of parallel passages.

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Teaching of the New Jerusalem concerning the Lord (Elliott tr., 2019), Doctrine of the Lord (Dick tr., 1954)


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