Author: Sally Kindberg

Publisher: Bloomsbury | Design for Today


IN THIS GIFT SET: Draw it! | Big Fat Book of Knowledge | The Hand Book (of hopes and dreams)

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In this gift set…

The fantastic ‘Draw it!’ series from Sally Kindberg has weird and wonderful doodles for every occasion. Perfect for every journey, rainy afternoon or holiday, each book is packed full of fun and wacky things to draw and colour, guaranteed to get every kid from age 6-10 drawing away! Each includes over 100 stickers.

Packed with fantastic facts, figures and stories about the world we live in and the galaxies beyond, this single volume contains 288 colour pages of pure Comic Strip genius. Learn about everything – from the smallest amoeba to the secrets of the furthest corners of the known Universe, and the myths that shaped the way we see the world.

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The Hand Book (of hopes and dreams) is a fortune teller with a twist. Unfold this 10 panel concertina and identify with a variety of unusual characters, including an astronaut, a pantomime horse (the front half), a conjuror and a fossil hunter. Follow the clues inside and invent their (or your?) surprising adventures.

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SALLY KINDBERG is the author and illustrator of the popular children’s book series Draw It! and The Comic Strip History of Space, both published by Bloomsbury. Sally’s work has appeared in numerous children’s books, in comic strips for CBBC and in The Guardian. She has also delivered creative workshops at Edinburgh Festival, the Wellcome Collection and in places as diverse as Beijing and the Outer Hebrides. Sally devised and has run the ‘Discover Swedenborg House’ children’s drawing workshops for the past 3 years.

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