Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Translator: Jaroslav Im. Janeček

Publisher: Jar. Im. Janeček

Date of Publication: 1938

Pages: 77+45+99+39

Language: Czech


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Nauka o Životě pro Nový Jeruzalém z Předpisů Desatera (1938) and Nauka Nového Jeruzaléma O Víře (1939) and 0 účinné lásce [Charitě] (1926) and Bílý Kůň V Apokalypse (1927), all tr. Janaček.

In Doctrine of Life, Swedenborg focuses on the divine origin of good and, conversely, on the shunning of this, which is evil, and how they shape our lives.

Doctrine of Faith is an explanation of what faith is, supported by examples from Swedenborg’s reading of the internal sense of the Word.

In Charity, a small posthumously published work, Swedenborg teaches that charity consists of looking to the Lord, shunning our evils and doing good for others. The book deals with the practical bearing of this teaching on the problems of social order, government, daily occupations and so on.

The White Horse is largely drawn from Arcana Caelestia and, in part, might be understood as a kind of brochure serving as an introduction to this work. Its theme is that of the spiritual sense of the Word. It contains one of the three statements in the published works that names the books of the Bible that Swedenborg says have an inner sense. The ‘White Horse’ is mentioned in chapter 19 of the Book of Revelation.



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