Author: Helen Keller

Translator: Tiina Laats

Editor: Irja PƤrnapuu

Publisher: Nebadon

Foreword: Paul Sperry

Pages: 120

Language: Estonian

Cover/Book Design: Kurt Laur

ISBN: 9789985852231


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Translation into Estonian. The Swedenborg Association
Translated from English Tiina Laats
Poems translated Peep Ilmet

Helen Keller had absolutely no hearing or eyesight from the age of two, but became one of the most inspiring and well known people to have ever lived. For a number of years she functioned, in her words, simply as ‘an unconscious clod of earth’. Then quite suddenly, she experienced the impact of ‘another mind’ within her own. Despite not knowing where it came from or how it got there, she awoke to a new awareness of being able to talk and listen with her hands. She learned to read and write, wrote at least ten books, and attended college. Her religion developed from living deeply within her spiritual self, cut off from normal sensation, and spending her life on a spiritual plane. She incorporated her own experiences with the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg, a mystic born in 1688, and the Swedenborgian Church. Swedenborg, like Keller, had experienced other realms of spirit and transmitted deeper teachings that Helen saw with great clarity. She wrote this book after receiving many requests for her to describe her religious beliefs.


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