Daedalus Hyperboreus : The Nordic Inventor, Swedenborg's Scientific Journal

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Translator: Göran Appelgren

Editor: Staffan Rodhe

Publisher: Swedenborg Scientific Association

Date of Publication: 2020

Place of Publication: Bryn Athyn, PA

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-915221-55-4


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Daedalus Hyperboreus (‘The Nordic Daedalus’) is the first ever scientific journal in Sweden and one of the first in Europe. Swedenborg himself wrote the majority of the 38 articles.  Sometimes he has used Polhem’s notes and letters, and at times has carefully studied Polhem’s machines in action. In many of the articles he also describes his own inventions and experiments. They deal with such things as the construction of a flying machine, shipbuilding, methods to establish the longitude at sea or to find the proportion between the volume of geometrical bodies.

After over 300 years, this is the first complete English translation of an important work in Swedenborg’s formative years, lavishly published with foldout plates of illustrations and facsimiles of pages from the original issues published in Swedish in 1716-18.


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