Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Translator: В. В. Малявин (Vladimir Maliavin)

Editor: О. И. Ярикова (O. I. Yarikova)

Publisher: Aстрель (Astrel)

Date of Publication: 2002

Place of Publication: Moscow, Russia

Pages: 543

Language: Russian

ISBN: 9785170124565


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‘Conjugial’ is a word derived from the Latin conjugium. Swedenborg used it in a very specific sense to mean the love that exists in marriage. Few books have been written that could claim to cover comprehensively the relationship between the sexes. Conjugial Love is one such book. Here, Swedenborg describes the spiritual principles that underlie gender. In this he saw the marital union between a man and a woman as the most perfect mirroring of divine love. Conjugial Love was first published in 1768.


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