Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Translator: Е. Ю. Возовик (E Yu. Vozovik)

Editor: О. Н. Адаскина (O. N. Adaskina)

Publisher: Астрель

Date of Publication: 2003

Place of Publication: Moscow, Russia

Language: Russian

ISBN: 9785170158454


Categories: ,


This work is an exegesis of every verse in the book of Revelation, relating its key images to other passages in Scripture. It focuses on what Swedenborg saw as the fall of the Christianity of his time (the eighteenth century) and the predicted eventual rise of a new Christianity thereafter. Although argued in a rather terse style, its central reading is spiritual—unlike many if not most other views of the book of Revelation, which relate the text merely to world events, whether long past, present, or still to come. It is the first of Swedenborg’s works to include at the end of every chapter lengthy narrative accounts (or ‘memorable occurrences’) of the author’s spiritual experiences. These accounts often include his blunt declarations of the fate of various kinds of Christians (including lofty church officials) in the afterlife.


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