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DATE: 2nd December 2023 - 10th December 2023

TIME: 6pm—9:30pm

VENUE: Swedenborg Hall

CURATOR/S: Dave Griffiths & Sally O'Reilly

JUDGE/S: Andrea Luka Zimmerman & Ben Rivers

FILM MAKER/S: Stephanie Barber, Neil Bartlett & Anthony Reynolds, Jordan Baseman, Anat Ben-David, Anna Brass, Mariana Castiñeiras, Iolo Edwards, Xiaoxuan Han, Matt Hulse, Siôn Marshall-Waters, Zara Joan Miller, Charlie Osborne, Billy Palumbo, Edwin Rostron, Niyaz Saghari, Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet (collectif_fact), Paul Tarragó, Jennet Thomas


The Swedenborg Film Festival 2023 (SFF2023) invites entries of new films of 20 minutes or less from emerging and established independent filmmakers. Now a landmark event in the UK film calendar, the SFF has received a huge response from thousands of filmmakers around the world and has gained a reputation for the quality and diversity of its programming.

In an expanded award format, prizes will be presented in several categories. There will also be a special ‘public vote’ award. Shortlisted films will be shown alongside invited screenings from established filmmakers.

“A fantastic festival with great communication. Their decision to show my film as a looped installation payed off brilliantly! Thanks again.”

The SFF supports all genres and encourages submissions that draw upon the diverse and radical traditions influenced by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772). Artists, writers and filmmakers influenced by Swedenborg include William Blake, Charles Baudelaire, Hilma af Klint, Jorge Luis Borges, Ingmar Bergman and many others. Films featured previously in the SFF have explored ideas of transcendence and symbolism, and themes have ranged from social reform to psychogeography.

Shortlisted films for SFF2023 will be screened during a live event in our atmospheric neo-classical Hall on 2 December, where winners will be selected and announced by our guest judges Ben Rivers & Andrea Luka Zimmerman. In addition to this the films will be available to watch online and open to a public vote.

“Excellent festival – honoured to be a part of the proceedings – many thanks for such a professional presentation.”

We’re delighted to announce the programme for the Swedenborg Film Festival 2023, taking place on Saturday 2nd  December. This year’s judges are ANDREA LUKA ZIMMERMAN and BEN RIVERS. The shortlist features 18 moving image works from around the world, spanning experimental and essay films, animation and documentary. Thank you to everyone who submitted. The programme will follow as below (approximate times):

6.00 pm: Doors Open

Bar, bookshop and gallery space open to public. Installation screenings can be viewed in Wynter Room and Gardiner Room.

6.30 pm: SCREENING ONE (64 mins)

Neil Bartlett & Anthony Reynolds, Roi, 15′
Jennet Thomas, Not Yet Out Of The Wood, 4′ 32″
Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet (collectif_fact), Green Storm, 14′ 50″
Anat Ben-David, Craters, 6′ 30″
Matt Hulse, THE SCAN, 1′ 30″
Iolo Edwards, Welsh Motoring Proverbs, 6′ 41″ 
Xiaoxuan Han, Don’t forget to take medicines on time, 2′ 27″ 
Stephanie Barber, The Enlightenment, 12′ 09″ 
Jordan Baseman, The Passageway, 50″

7.30 pm: Intermission (30 mins)

Bar, bookshop and gallery space open to public. Installation screenings can be viewed in Wynter Room and Gardiner Room.

8.00 pm: SCREENING TWO (63 mins)

Mariana Castiñeiras, Exoskeletons, 17′ 49″
Edwin Rostron, Help Desk, 3′ 10″
Charlie Osborne, Old Town, 6′
Billy Palumbo, Billy Billy, 6′ 15″
Siôn Marshall-Waters, Forest Coal Pit, 14′ 38″
Niyaz Saghari, Ripple Effect, 9′
Paul Tarragó, Glad Hand/Sad Hand, 7′ 07″

9.10 pm: AWARDS PRESENTATION (20 mins)

Awards in various categories will be awarded to the best films.

6.00-9.30 pm: INSTALLED FILMS (Looped)

Anna Brass, Haukebodde Hacoud Hacwod Aukud, 14′ 46″ (WYNTER ROOM, second floor)
Zara Joan Miller, Soft Rio, 4′ 21″ (GARDINER ROOM, basement)

Read more about all the shortlisted films and filmmakers here.

Swedenborg House is a fully inclusive not-for-profit publishing house, museum and cultural venue based in Bloomsbury, London. It hosts a diverse and lively programme of events. Featured speakers and artists have included Simon Armitage, A S Byatt, Brian Catling, Jeremy Deller, Deborah Levy, Iain Sinclair, Marina Warner and many others.