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DATE: 25th July 2013

TIME: 7.00 pm

VENUE: Swedenborg Hall, Swedenborg House, 20/21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH

SPEAKER/S: David Lister

Admission is free but capacity is limited

David’s talk discusses Swedenborg’s analysis of spiritual evolution, and its possible analogous relation to the evolution of terrestrial species as described by Darwin. He argues that our need for dualism, originating with Descartes, is due to our failure to recognize the correspondential or metaphorical relationships between our experiences as humans on this earth and the spiritual states of heaven and hell, though our everyday language is replete with these correspondences.

DAVID LISTER is the current chairman of the Swedenborg Society and a member for the past 19 years. David was a medical missionary in India and then a surgeon in Denmark, before returning to England to practice as a GP for the latter part of his career.

Admission to this talk is free but capacity is limited. Advance booking is recommended via

Download a PDF copy of David Lister’s talk Biblical Darwinism