Educational Events at Swedenborg House

Swedenborg House is a publisher, library, events space, museum, bookshop and registered charity, which has always endeavored to provide a range of educational events, free to the public and open to all. In addition to organizing lectures and conferences, exhibitions, performances and film screenings, we will begin in the summer of 2017, a new series of educational children's events which will explore the fascinating collection held at Swedenborg House. 

Summer 2017

Sally Kindberg

New Children's Workshops at Swedenborg House!

Sally Kindberg is coming to Swedenborg House! Later in the year Sally will begin the first in a series of children’s workshops on the collection at Swedenborg House. 

Sally’s children’s workshops are the first of their kind at Swedenborg House! More details to follow shortly! 

Sally is an author and illustrator who is famous for her 'Draw It!' children’s series and 'The Comic Strip History of Space' both published by Bloomsbury. Sally runs drawing workshops for adults and children, she has done work for CBBC’s 'Life Bubble' and she has written for the Independent as a travel writer. 

For more information on Sally have look on her website and her blog