The Swedenborg Society's Grade II listed premises on Bloomsbury Way is host to many exhibitions and performances by contemporary artists.

Swedenborg Hall is also the venue for the annual Swedenborg Film Season and for the Swedenborg International Film Festival.

We also host talks and readings by writers on Swedenborgian themes. If you would like to collaborate on an event at Swedenborg House please contact us.



30 August 2018: Arcana Caelestia Reading Group

26 September 2018: Vernon Lee, Swedenborg and Psychological Aesthetics in the Art Gallery

24 November 2018 (competition screening) | full programme tba: Swedenborg Film Festival 2018 with Susan Hiller



2 May 2018: Henry Corbin Discussion Group: Swedenborg and Esoteric Islam

25 April 2018: TheaurauJohn Tany, English Radicalism and Swedenborgians: Ariel Hessayon in conversation with John Rees

14 February 2018: Discover the hidden treasures of Swedenborg House with Sally Kindberg

20 January 2018: Swedenborg Birthday Lecture: David Bodanis on Isaac Newton

24 November 2017: Artist Talk | Diane Eagles: The Humble Servant

18 Oct-30 November 2017: The Humble Servant: Ceramic art inspired by William Blake and Swedenborg | Diane Eagles

2 November 2017: SFF 2017 with Ali Smith: Céline and Julie Go Boating

9 November 2017: SFF 2017 with Ali Smith: Nights of Cabiria

16 November 2017: SFF 2017 with Ali Smith: An Evening of Short Film with Ali Smith

18 November 2017: SFF 2017 with Ali Smith: Short Film Festival competition

28 October 2017: Discover the hidden treasures of Swedenborg House | Sally Kindberg

18-21 October 2017: ad caput capitis: the lost skulls of Swedenborg | Iain Sinclair | Jeremy Millar | Colin Dickey

18 September 2017: Monitoring Space: Bridget Smith | Swedenborg Society AGM

14 September 2017: An Evening with Mr Benn and David McKee

6, 16, 23 Feb & 2 March 2017: Anatomy of Heaven Seminar Series

28 January 2017: Swedenborg Birthday Meeting

26 November 2016: Swedenborg Film Festival with Andrew Kötting

2 November 2016: Seeschlange: a performance & book launch with Iain Sinclair & Brian Catling

19-29 October 2016: Now It is Permitted: 24 Wayside Pulpits (exhibition as part of Bloomsbury Festival 2016) not open on sundays

22 September 2016: Inspiral London: Deep Topographies

5 August 2016: Novel London evening

6, 13, 20 and 27 June 2016: Swedenborg, Literature and the Imaginal: a series of seminars led by Dr William Rowlandson