Swedenborg Society Membership

Membership is open to all who are interested in the aims and ongoing activities of the Society. We have a broad and diverse international membership and we invite you to apply and become a part of this worldwide network.

Benefits to the Society

Subscription fees from members provide valuable support to our ongoing activities, which include:

  • Publishing the works of Swedenborg and distributing them worldwide
  • Translating these works from Latin into English and other languages
  • Holding lectures and meetings
  • Maintaining our unique library and research facilities
  • Funding international publishing projects
  • Offering books as grants to educational and public institutions
  • Running a bookshop in the heart of central London

Terms & Rates

Please find details of the Swedenborg Society membership terms below. With your help, we hope to continue the energetic work of this historic institution.

Subscription Rates

  • £15.00 Single Annual Membership for students and those aged over 65
  • £20.00 Single Annual Membership for those aged under 65
  • £25.00 Joint Annual Membership for students and those aged over 65
  • £30.00 Joint Annual Membership for those aged under 65
  • £150.00 Life Membership for those aged 65 and over
  • £200.00 Life Membership for those ages under 65

Membership benefits

  • A 20% discount on books in the Swedenborg Society Bookshop
  • Priority booking on events
  • A regular e-newsletter
  • A regular printed newsletter: Things Heard and Seen

If you would like to join the Society please contact or phone us on 0207 405 7986. 

Alternatively you are most welcome to download the application form below and post a hard copy to: The Swedenborg Society, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH.

Swedenborg Society Membership Form 2015: 13.93 kb

Charity registration number: 209172