Swedenborg Society Membership

Membership is open to all who are interested in the aims and ongoing activities of the Society. We have a broad and diverse international membership and we invite you to apply and become a part of this worldwide network.

Benefits to the Society

Subscription fees from members provide valuable support to our ongoing activities, which include:

  • Publishing the works of Swedenborg and distributing them world-wide
  • Translating these works from Latin into English and other languages
  • Holding lectures and meetings
  • Maintaining our unique library and research facilities
  • Funding international publishing projects
  • Offering books as grants to educational and public institutions, and
  • Running a bookshop in the heart of central London.

Terms & Rates

Please find details of the Swedenborg Society membership terms below. With your help, we hope to continue the energetic work of this historic institution.

Subscription Rates

  • £15.00 Single Annual Membership for students and those aged over 65
  • £20.00 Single Annual Membership for those aged under 65
  • £25.00 Joint Annual Membership for students and those aged over 65
  • £30.00 Joint Annual Membership for those aged under 65
  • £150.00 Life Membership for those aged 65 and over
  • £200.00 Life Membership for those ages under 65

Membership benefits

  • A 20% discount on books in the Swedenborg Society Bookshop
  • Priority booking on events
  • A regular e-newsletter
  • A regular printed newsletter: Things Heard and Seen

If you would like to join the Society please contact or phone us on 0207 405 7986. Payment can be made securely online via Paypal - simply click on the button below.

Alternatively you are welcome to download the application form below and post a hardcopy with accompanying cheque to: The Swedenborg Society, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH.

Swedenborg Society Membership Form 2015: 13.93 kb

Pay by Paypal