A S Byatt | The Conjugial Angel 14 January 2010 | 6.30 pm

The distinguished novelist and former academic, Dame Antonia Byatt, will give a commented reading from her novella 'The Conjugial Angel'. Forming one half of Angels and Insects (1992), the story explores dynamics within the Tennyson family, Swedenborgian ideas and spiritualism. After her reading, Ms Byatt will welcome questions from the floor. Wine and canapes will also be served.

A S Byatt won the Booker Prize and the Irish Times Prize for International Fiction in 1990, for her novel Possession. Her latest publication, The Children’s Book was short-listed for the  Man Booker Prize 2009. A S Byatt continues to enjoy an international reputation for her fiction and is also considered a distinguished literary critic.

This will be the first of many events held in celebration of the Swedenborg Society’s 200th anniversary. Please see for details of our bicentenary programme.