SFF18 Winners 2018

We are delighted to announce that the 2018 Swedenborg Film Festival Winners, chosen by guest judge Susan Hiller are: Oona Grimes (u.e u.), Alcaeus Spyrou (Anina) and Andrew Kötting (Their Rancid Words Stagnate Our Ponds)!


u. e u. (Installation, Basement Light Well, 9 mins 26)

A sublime dance of miscommunication and mistranslation. I chased language—both the learning and losing of it—the omissions, the torn, the discontinuity, the patches, the bad repairs... With a nod to Pasolini’s Uccellacci e Uccellini.

OONA GRIMES is currently a Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London and the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University. She is the Bridget Riley Fellow at the British School at Rome 2018. She received her Fine Art BA Hons from the Norwich School of Art and a Fine Art: Higher Diploma from Slade School of Fine Art. She is represented by Danielle Arnaud contemporary art.

Website: www.oonagrimes.com | Instagram: @grimesoona


Anina (19 mins 51)

Shot on board a container ship, The camera embarks on a psycho-geographic journey of a centuries-old trade route, documenting the vast industrial landscape and the shadows it bring to life. 

By embarking on a journey of a centuries-old trade route, the narrative embraces the constant rhythm of trading ships, and cartographs the unfolding industrial landscape. In the ports, the fluresquent light, the shadows it bring to life, point to stories of work, play, dignity and survival. Does the inherited malevolence in the cycle of a mechanical action, hold a universal footprint about its ramifications? Is violence the thriving behaviour in these harbours? Machines that hunt and devour. Do they bury their dead? Are they conscious of killing and ruin? 

ALCAEUS SPYROU is a lens-captured visual artist, researching the cinematic image and the psyche of contemporary migration. Born in Elbasan, Albania and raised in Athens, Greece, his migrant upbringing would focus his gaze towards shifting landscapes. He studied BA Fine Art at Middlesex University in London and has been awarded the John Walker Prize for outstanding academic achievement. Alcaeus’ work has been widely presented in numerous exhibitions such as Liverpool Biennial; Bloomberg New Contemporaries; European Media Art Festival; the Whitechapel Gallery, London; Nunnery Gallery, London; IndieLisboa International Film Festival; and Athens Avant Garde Film Festival among others.

Website: www.alcaeusspyrou.com |  Instagram: @alcaeusspyrou


Their Rancid Words Stagnate Our Ponds (8 mins 36)

In a hinterland within the 'elsewhere', a lone character meanders in search of meaning and understanding. Hither and dither doth he wander reflecting upon all things that came before and all things hereafter. The work is a companion piece to Kötting's latest feature film Lek and the Dogs and was shot in the Atacama desert in Chile. Produced to run on a loop in a gallery 'space' the film exemplifies Kötting's ability to take an idea and run with it until it spills over into the expanded cinematic 'elsewhere'. With the beguiling presence of French performance artist Xavier Tchili and sublime cinematography by Nick Gordon-Smith the work is designed to be experienced within the pitch black and the sound up high.

ANDREW KÖTTING made his first feature film Gallivant in 1996—a nine-month journey around the coast of Britain on which he was accompanied by his grandmother Gladys and daughter Eden. Subsequent feature films, installations and performances include This Filthy EarthIvulMapping PerceptionIn The Wake of a DeadadThis Our Still LifeSwandownBy Our Selvesand Edith Walks. The final part of his Earthworks trilogy, Lek And The Dogs was released in June 2018 by HOME. He currently lives and works between Hastings in England and Fougax-et-Barrineuf in the French Pyrenees.

Website: www.andrewkotting.com