Swedenborg Film Festival with Andrew K├Âtting

Awards November 2016

The joint winners of the Swedenborg Film Festival, November 2016, as selected by guest judge Andrew Kötting, are:

Harold Charre for Savagery


Toby Tatum for The Toby Tatum Guide to Grottoes & Groves

The judge also selected two runners-up: Karin Gunnarsson for Figure A and Bernd Lützeler for Batagur Baska.

There were special mentions for: Karen Russo, Haus Atlantis; Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan, Last Acre; Charlotte Pryce, Prima Materia; and Angus Carlyle & Chiara Caterina, Into the Outside.

the winners

Harold Charre, Savagery

A dark mass lies ahead, in nature. This nature, we do not know if she is dying or if she is overkill. An old priest observes this strange mass closely and decides to undertake a long journey. But is this really an escape?

Guest judge Andrew Kötting's comments: 'Atmospheric and beguiling – using multifarious image techniques and musical tones to "imply" a story – the experience proved [Guy] Maddinesque in parts – and on each repeated viewing became more compelling'.

You can view Savagery here.

Toby Tatum, The Toby Tatum Guide to Grottoes & Groves

Enter a landscape of curious subtle enchantment, where sentient shadows brood and magic shines resplendent in streams of illuminated water. The Toby Tatum Guide to Grottoes & Groves was filmed over several months during repeated visits to the woodlands near the artist’s Hastings home. The film represents his deepest engagement with nature and its hidden mysteries. It features an original soundtrack by British Sea Power’s Abi Fry.

Guest judge Andrew Kötting's comments:  'I really enjoyed this work – animistic and phantomic – hidden presences and trace elements – voices coaxed out the frame by very subtle light and shadow play. I kept wanting "Verushka" to appear within the landscape; and as part of a large projection/expanded cinematic experience the work has enormous potential'.

View an excerpt of The Toby Tatum Guide to Grottoes & Groves here.

For more on Toby's work, visit his website: www.tobytatum.com

the runners-up

Karin Gunnarsson, Figure A

Figure A is a short animated artist film based on footage captured during an artist residency in Cappadocia, Turkey. The artist-director poetically experiments with modularity, symmetry and rhythm through an imaginative network of references to mineralogy, alchemy, Pythagoras and the fugues of J S Bach and the Turkishmaqam. In this work, an interplanetary explorer crash-lands on a barren planet where it confidently familiarizes itself with the surroundings. Through analytical powers, the visitor learns to appropriate the environment and its cultural remnants, using them to transform and transport towards new horizons.

Guest judge Andrew Kötting's comments: 'Wonderfully ambitious and futuristic - I was transfixed despite my strange aversion to high-end FX graphics and CGI - but when the magic carpet kicked in the work soared; I was reminded of Jem Finer and Ansuman Biswas’s Zero Genie, which is a very good thing indeed'.

You can view the trailer for Figure A here.

For more on Karin's work, visit her website, here: www.karingunnarsson.com

Bernd Lützeler, Batagur Baska

‘They gather here every day. They come from afar and without purpose. They do not know one other and they will not come to know each other. They carry their gadgets to optimize the experience. They engage with the world through a small frame. They believe that this moment will remain unforgotten.’ 

Guest judge Andrew Kötting's comments: 'Hypnotic and confusing – why have these people gathered and what are they doing? What are they looking at? Where is the smoke machine? Why did Bernd have his super 8 camera to hand? And it's all driven by the remarkable music of Guido Mobius – It reminded me in its power to bewitch of Ben Rivers’s The Coming Race, which I adore'.

You can view Batagur baska here.

For more on Bernd's work, visit his website: bernd-luetzeler.de