29 November 2013 | 6.30 - 9.30pm


Stay the Same

Sam Firth

6.40: (14 mins)

Stay the Same is an experimental documentary about our relationship with time and the natural environment and the desire to capture and record experience. Recorded almost as a pilgrimage every day for a year at exactly the same time, in exactly the same place, the film-poem documents the desire to clutch and hold each moment in time.


6.55. Introduction by Stephen McNeilly


Nature House Inc.

Nick Jordan

7.00: (6 mins 12 secs)

A short film which centres upon the proliferation of birdhouses, erected to attract the purple martin - ‘America’s Most Wanted Bird’. This extraordinary abundance of man-made habitats reflects a desire to live in close proximity to nature, in a suburban, small town setting. Over one million North Americans have installed purple martin birdhouses. The migratory birds, which are believed to consume large quantities of insects, are now entirely dependent upon man-made housing during their breeding season. 


Small Wonders

Katie Goodwin

7.07: (14 mins 7 secs)

Small Wonders is an abstract narrative film short following British microbiologist Terence Preston’s 50-year journey into discovering how amoebae move at the air/water interface. The film uses as its centrepiece a hypnotic view through the microscope of these single-celled organisms shot on 16mm cine film by Terence in 1972, combined with retro found footage of people interacting with water to make a meditative piece on time and scientific exploration.



Alisi Telengut

7.23:(5 mins 34 secs)

Wind burial, influenced by Shamanism, is an old Mongolian tradition. When someone dies the corpse is carried on a cart until a bump causes the body to fall. The place where the corpse lands becomes a simple tomb.


The Green Mind

Toby Tatum

7.29: (3 mins 10 secs)

An experimental film with soundtrack by British Sea Power’s Abi Fry. Enter the green mind, where lizards pose in secret grottoes, bats circle twilit jungles and snakes entwine amongst flowers.


…all that passed

Stuart Pound

7.40: (1 min)

A fragment taken from a well-known science fiction film is prematurely aged to a time when there was no film sound other than a piano accompaniment. Music is by Bela Bartok.





David Ferrando Giraut

7. 41:(16 mins 7secs)

LOSS reflects on the processes of image recording – be they psychological or technological. It expresses a feeling of longing for lost realities that are accessible just through images, and for those aspects of lived realities that have been stranded during their transformation into images.



Mizgin Müjde Arslan

7.57: (9 mins)

Asya, 12 years old, is not allowed to attend school because she needs to care for her siblings. One day she sees a crystal on the floor and she watches life through this crystal throughout the day. Everyone wonders what she is seeing in the crystal.



Jacob Cartwright

8.06: (8 mins)

Kaskaskia is a tiny rural community on the banks of the Mississippi, but was once a thriving settlement in French colonial Illinois. Kaskaskia offsets present day footage of the location with history, myth and an amplified mood of American Gothic, combining documentary and fiction to convey a sense of time and place that is both atmospheric and absurd.


Winter Light

Sofia Dahlgren

Installed film/Gardiner room/continuous loop

Winter Light is inspired by late 19th-century Scandinavian landscape paintings. The work refers to the Northern landscape and its reference to mysticism, imagination and dreams. It seeks to capture the specific light that appears in the afternoon just before sunset. The transformation of the landscape between sunset and twilight is often linked to dreaming. The viewer’s gaze is drawn inwards by the light but at the same time held back by the trees.