Awards March 2016

The joint winners of the Swedenborg Film Festival are:

Toby Tatum for Mental Space


Daphne Rosenthal for Meanwhile, looking elsewhere

The judges also gave special mentions to Phil Coy for Who Goes There? and to Stewart Collinson & Andrea Szigetvari for Transitus Angeli.

the winners

Daphne Rosenthal, Meanwhile, looking elsewhere

Meanwhile, looking elsewhere presents elementary sensations such as falling, rolling, pressing, trembling and tingling. The materials act along the lines of their characteristics. Their movements resonate in our bodies as we perceive them. The camera digs like a mole in messy and strange, yet familiar worlds. For more about Daphne's work, please visit here.

Toby Tatum, Mental Space

A vision in a dream. Follow a stream of consciousness deep into a world transformed by the shaping spirit of imagination. View the trailer for Mental Space here.

special mentions

Stewart Collinson & Andrea Szigetvári, Transitus Angeli

Transitus Angeli is located within the stream of audio-vision/film-work that has sought alternatives to realistic visual representation and figuration, but acknowledges that abstraction in both the visual and sonic domains cannot be separated from the world from which it emerges. Ironically titled, this piece of ‘sonic cinema’, or ‘sonikinos’ is an oppositional response to current growing economic, social and political turbulence and resulting reactionary tendencies. Through systematic distortion and deconstruction, a synthesized bell-sound becomes transformed into a rough-music, charivari, scampanate, or katzenmusik, whilst being articulated and reinforced visually, synchretically, and synaesthetically by the agitated jitter of a visual field derived from digitized looped and sequenced hand-painted 16 mm film. You can view excerpts of Transitus Angeli here.

Phil Coy, Who Goes There?

With Who Goes There?, Phil Coy, who often works with the effects of translating one form of representation to another, explores the most ubiquitous of all cultural cover versions - the film adaptation. Reading almost like a psychological test of perception Who Goes There? is a montage of classic covers for novels adapted into screenplays. Flashing past at the rate of one cover per frame, the stream of graphic illustration is tempered by the voice of Karolin Meunier, whose hypnotic delivery describes the conditions of the famous physiological test ‘the troop effect’ - conceived to demonstrate how the left and right sides of the brain separate language and colour. For more on Phil Coy's work click here.