INVITED SCREENINGS | Swedenborg Short Film Festival 2012

Judges Gareth Evans (film curator) and Jeremy Millar (artist/curator) have created a special programme of films, which will be shown alongside the shortlisted entries on 30 November. These works will not be considered for the Best Film award.

The Writing of Stones | Jeremy Millar

'This work attempts to have a real effect in the world, acting as a form of spell or incantation which will 'mesmerise' the viewer. The work is a form of creation myth, a description, and perhaps even an enacting, of the coming-into-being of living and developing forms.'  - Jeremy Millar / Further information

Freeze Frame | Doffy Weir & Dave Draper


'Transforming derelict industrial areas of East London into enigmatic, alien landscapes, photographer Weir has been cultivating a different side of decay for the past few years. Abstracting forms and shapes to create skewed perspectives on abandoned industrial rot, new worlds emerge as light and colour conspire to turn ruin into rapture.' - Eli Anderson / Further information