Our screenings and film seasons showcase cinematic work relevant to the thought of Emanuel Swedenborg. Film screenings take place in our Grade II-listed Swedenborg Hall, creating a uniquely atmospheric experience. Admission is free.

Previous seasons and screenings have focused on work by David McKee; Jim Jarmusch; Fritz Lang; Robert Bresson; Ingmar Bergman; and a survey of 'Images of the Afterlife in Cinema'.

A Man Escaped, Robert Bresson

In 2011, the Swedenborg Film Season focused on one classic director, whose films explore arguably 'Swedenborgian' themes. Robert Bresson (1901- 1991) has often been described as 'the patron saint of cinematography', defined by his ascetic style and spiritual narratives. Bresson rejected traditional and modernist concepts of cinema, arguing that film should represent a whole new form of expression - separate from theatre and more akin to painting or poetry. For Bresson, cinematography can provide a dialogue with the infinite; or in Swedenborg's terminology, a 'correspondence' between immediate reality and transcendent truth.

The Seventh Seal, Ingmar Bergman

Well known for his interest in Swedenborg, Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) wrote and directed over fifty feature films and since the late 1950s, his work has become canonical to ‘art-house’ movie culture, academic cinema studies and film clubs all over the world. In addition to filmmaking he has also directed and produced numerous plays, including a famous interpretation of August Strindberg’s Inferno, itself heavily influenced by the work of Swedenborg. The films that were selected for screening at Swedenborg House in 2012 all featured images and symbols redolent of ideas found in Swedenborg, as well as being reflective of the great early period of Bergman’s cinematic career.

The programme for the Swedenborg Film Season in 2016 will be announced shortly. Watch this space!