A Celebration of New Church Day at Swedenborg House ft. The Apocalypse of John: Paintings by Roland Smith | in collaboration with the New Church

Saturday 23 June 2012 | Exhibition, talk & film screening | Swedenborg House, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH | 12 - 5 pm

The Swedenborg Society, although a secular organization, has long enjoyed a strong relationship with the 'Swedenborgian' Church of the New Jerusalem, or New Church (est. 1787). On Saturday 23 June the Society will open up Swedenborg House for an exhibition, talk and film screening in celebration of this historic relationship.



G Roland Smith, an artist, graphic designer and member of the Conference of the New Church, has painted scenes from the Apocalypse of John (or Book of Revelation) in the Bible. Swedenborg interpreted this book allegorically and it is these symbolic meanings which Roland hopes to reveal in his 25 descriptive works. These paintings will be on display throughout Swedenborg House and available to view all day.


Michael Stanley, a Swedenborg scholar and minister in the Conference of the New Church, will present a talk on the Apoclaypse of John, Swedenborg's writings, and Roland's imagery.

Film Screening & Discussion

Helen Brown, a Jungian therapist and Swedenborgian will present a short film on guardian angels, inspired by Swedenborg's ideas and our daily lives.

Read more on the Swedenborgian New Church, its history and different denominations here.


12.00 pm: DOORS OPEN

12.10 pm: Introduction by Richard Lines & Michael Stanley (Swedenborg Hall)

12.30 pm: Talk by G Roland Smith (Swedenborg Hall)

1.00 - 2.00 pm: Browsing of the exhibition (Bookshop, Wynter Room & Marchant Room; also open throughout the day)


3.00 pm: Film screening & discussion with Helen Brown (Swedenborg Hall)

4.00 pm: Talk by Michael Stanley (Swedenborg Hall)


Please note that times are approximate.

Everyone welcome. Doors open at 12.00 pm. Admission is free but please RSVP to / (020) 7405 7986 so that we can confirm numbers.