We celebrated our 2010 bicentenary year with a rich and diverse PROGRAMME OF EVENTS:

Jan. 14th An Evening With: A S Byatt 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

Jan. 30th Birthday Meeting: Lecture & Music: David Lister on The Feeling of What Happens 4:30 pm (free)

Feb. 25th Exhibition Private View: Swedenborg House: Fourteen Interventions 6:30 pm (free)

Feb. 26th Bicentenary Celebration Launch 6:30 pm (free)

Mar. 1st An Evening with: Iain Sinclair and Brian Catling 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

Mar. 3rd An Evening with: Ben Judd 6:30 pm (free)

Mar. 4th Lecture: Jonathan Jones on The Visions of Leonardo Da Vinci 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

Mar. 17th Lecture: Robert Rowland Smith on The Philosophy of Everyday Life 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

Mar. 29th Lecture: David Eagleman on Why I am a Possibilian 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

April 8th Premier Screening of Heaven, Hell and Other Places: a film about Emanuel Swedenborg 6:30 pm (free)

April 22nd An Evening With: Simon Armitage 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

May 6th Lecture: Guy Dammann on Music, Morality and Mysticism 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

May 19th Lecture: Scarlett Thomas on Imagining Heaven and Hell 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

June 3rd - 4th International Swedenborg Publishers Conference (free)

June 17th Lecture: David Bindman on John Flaxman (Hosted at University College London) 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

June 19th New Church Day 11:00 - 4:00 (free)

July 1st Lecture: Roy Foster on Swedenborg and the Irish Literary Imagination 6:30 pm (£5.00/£3.00)

Sept. 3rd Season of Films: Jacob's Ladder with Nicholas Royle 6:00 pm (free)

Sept. 10th Film: Afterlife 7:00 pm (free)

Sept. 17th Film:  Stay 7:00 pm (free)

Sept. 18th Open House London 12:00- 4:00 pm (free)

Sept. 24th Film: Wrist Cutters 7:00 pm (free)

Oct. 1st Film: Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey 7:00 pm (free)

Oct. 8th Film: Matter of Life and Death 7:00 pm (free)

Oct. 15th Film: Battleship Potemkin with Robert Robertson 6:00 pm (free)

Oct. 23rd Artist Residency Performance: Nissa Nishikawa: Right of Augury 7:00 pm (free) (in collaboration with The Bloomsbury Festival 2010)

Oct. 23rd Exhibition Opening: Paul Tecklenberg: 21 Grams 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm (free)

Oct. 25th - Nov. 6th Exhibition: Paul Tecklenberg: 21 Grams 10:00 am - 4:00 pm daily (free)

Oct. 29th-30th Swedenborg Short Film Festival: heaven and/or hell 6:30 pm (free)

Nov. 13th Swedenborg Society Conference: Swedenborg: Visionary Scientist, Scientific Visionary (Admission £30) 10 am - 5 pm

Unless otherwise stated, all events take place at:

The Swedenborg Society, 20 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2TH