The Swedenborg Society is celebrating its 200th anniversary throughout 2010. We have a diverse program of events - publications and activities, including talks, film screenings, exhibitions, as well as other social events - in honour of Emanuel Swedenborg and the Society's seminal role in perpetuating his legacy. See a full list of events 2010 here.

On the 14th January 2010, we will host an evening with A S Byatt, when the acclaimed author will give readings from her work and welcome questions from the floor. In February we will have the pleasure of officially launching the bicentenary year with a toast - and a talk by Richard Lines on highlights from his forthcoming History of the Swedenborg Society. For one week only, Swedenborg House will also become a temporary gallery space, as contemporary artists are invited to exhibit their work in response to Swedenborg and the Society. During the months of spring, we will screen our brand new documentary on Swedenborg and launch a fresh translation of Heaven and Hell and a library (collected) edition of the Swedenborg Society Journal; the poet Simon Armitage and neuroloist/writer David Eagleman will also speak in honour of Swedenborg's cultural influence. Moving into the summer, we will host the world's first International Swedenborg Publishers Conference, at the beginning of June - when we will also launch a complete Bibliography of Swedenborg's works; later in the month, David Bindman will speak on the sculptor John Flaxman; and in July, Prof. Roy Foster will give a lecture exploring the influence of Swedenborg on the Irish literary imagination. We will be hosting a season of films exploring Swedenbogian themes, throughout the autumn months - culminating in a short film festival at the end of October. And in November, a conference to discuss ‘Emanuel Swedenborg: Visionary Scientist, Scientific Visionary' will take place. Please click on the links on the left for more information. There are many more speakers, publications and publicity events, which we cannot disclose until they are confirmed.

In fact, the program of events is constantly evolving. Keep checking our website for any developments, or ask to join our mailing list so that we can notify you of upcoming events. If you would like to participate or have any ideas for our bicentenary, please contact the Society via or (020) 7405 7986.

We look forward to seeing you here next year!