artist in residence | 2015-17

Bridget Smith

Bridget Smith, Swedenborg Hall, featured in: Society, published by SteidlMACK, 2007

We are delighted to announce that Bridget Smith will be the Swedenborg Society’s artist in residence for 2015-16. Bridget is a London-based artist working in film and photography, and has exhibited her work internationally featuring in public collections in Austria, Spain, Mexico, the USA and the UK (including the V&A and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art). Bridget has also worked previously with the Swedenborg Society. In 2010 she participated in the bicentenary exhibition Fourteen Interventions and was subsequently invited to screen her film Killing Time at the 2011 Swedenborg Short Film Festival. She also featured Swedenborg Hall in her 2007 book Society.

Much of Bridget’s work deals with notions of ‘place’ and ‘presence’, and many of the spaces she documents depict empty interiors and places of refuge. Her ‘still’ photography in particular, shot with a medium format camera, has been described as depicting  ‘worlds within worlds’ and of resonating ‘stillness and intimacy, both emphasizing and wrong-footing the nature of their own construction as photographic veracity, and producing a heightened sense of their particular mediated reality’. She has filmed in locations as diverse as the desert city of Las Vegas, the seaside town of Southend, and Tokomaru Bay, a small town on the remote eastern cape of the North Island of New Zealand. 

Bridget Smith, Excalibur (dawn), 1999, C-Type print mounted on aluminium, 119.5 x 162.5 cm

In her most recent body of work, If You Want To Talk About Light, You Have To Talk About Waves, at Focal Point Gallery and soon to be exhibited at the Frith Street Gallery, Smith’s preoccupations with the arrangement of light and colour come to the fore in a series of spectacular photographs made using the technique of cyanotype printing (favoured in the past by engineers to make blueprints of drawings), these are shown along side a group of enlarged replicas of lens filters which, when placed in front of the windows, create a changing coloured backdrop on the gallery’s walls. 

Bridget Smith, Blueprint for a Sea, cyanotype print 2015

Over the coming months we are very much looking forward to working with Bridget and are excited about the work she will produce. At the end of her residency her work will be displayed in Swedenborg Hall, with more details being released closer to the time.

Bridget is represented by Frith Street Gallery in London and links to her work can be found here:

Frith Street Gallery:

and Focal Point Gallery: