Under the Volcano

by Malcolm Lowry

Introduction by Michael Schmidt

Dimensions:  198x129mm
Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Author: Malcolm Lowry
Publisher: Penguin Modern Classics
Editor: Michael Schmidt
Language: English
Place of publication: St Ives, England
Date of publication:

Under the Volcano
(ISBN: 978-0-141-18225-4)



Under the Volcano is a late modernist masterpiece, and the work for which Malcolm Lowry is most known. Set in a small Mexican town, the novel follows the exploits of the Consul Geoffrey Firmin (which mainly involve drinking heroic quantities of mezcal) as he ruminates on his failures in life. In a drunken stream-of consciousness that lies somewhere between Joyce and Jean Rhys, different threads of political debates, philosophical musings, biographical reminiscences and literary references all drift in and out of focus-- the effect is itself almost intoxicating. Amongst Lowry’s breadth of reference, one can even detect his interest in Swedenborgianism; the iconography of Swedenborg’s theological works serves as an apt companion to the depiction of a man’s descent into an inner hell. 

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