The Covert Enlightenment

Eighteenth-Century Counterculture and Its Aftermath

by Alfred J Gabay

Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation Press
Dimensions: 229 x 153 mm
Language: English
Author: Alfred J Gabay
Series: Swedenborg Studies (no. 17)
Place of publication: West Chester, PA
Date of publication: 2005

The Covert Enlightenment
(ISBN: 978-0-87785-314-5)



The European Enlightenment in the latter half of the eighteenth century heralded a grave conflict between theological and scientific modes of thought, starkly revealing the ancient tensions between spiritual knowledge and rationalism. Yet there was another, lesser-known movement during this time—a “covert” Enlightenment—that sought to bring fresh perspectives on the soul, and by extension, on the human mind and on consciousness. This work examines the influence of Emanuel Swedenborg and Anton Mesmer on the budding movement toward psychology in the late-eighteenth century and also spiritualism and millennialism in the nineteenth century.