Spiritual Law

The Essence of Swedenborg's Divine Providence

by Joanna V Hill

Dimensions: 150 x 176 mm  
Format: Paperback
Pages: 114
Publisher: Rock Point Press
Language: English
Place of publication: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Date of publication: 2014

Spiritual Law: The Essence of Swedenborg's Divine Providence
(ISBN 978-0-9912516-0-5)


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This book is the retelling of a Swedenborg classic, Divine Providence, first published in Latin in Amsterdam in 1764. Its contemporary message of how the spiritual and physical worlds interact is a fascinating explanation of this interplay. Swedenborg, 1688-1772, a Swedish scientist and theologian, describes five laws under which spiritual energy operates, much like the laws under which the material world operates, such as the law of gravity. Understanding these spiritual laws and their implications can remove some of the barriers to understanding how and why things happen. Swedenborg explains that we are born with free will and that we can choose how we want to grow, knowing all the while there is love and support with us always. Swedenborg wrote hundreds of years ago, but his ideas are refreshingly inclusive. Although written from a Christian perspective, these principles are true for people of all religions. The book follows the same outline that Swedenborg used for the original book, incorporating similar chapter breaks and examples. The text is restated, condensed and directed to a contemporary audience of spiritual seekers while retaining some of the traces of the original tone and clarity. Ultimately, this book is a handbook for spiritual growth. It makes his understanding of the spiritual world accessible to a much wider audience of readers. The insights of Emanuel Swedenborg, whose formidable writings on the nature of the spiritual world may prove too time-consuming and complex for today's readers, are now clearly stated in accessible language so that readers can use them for growth and enrichment of life.