Swedenborg Foundation

Scribe of Heaven

Edited by Jonathan S Rose, Stuart Shotwell and M L Bertucci

Dimensions:  175x250mm
Format: Paperback
Pages: 592
Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation
Language: English
Editor: Jonathan S. Rose, Stuart Shotwell, Mary Lou Bertucci
Place of publication: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Date of publication:

Scribe of Heaven
(ISBN: 978-087785474-6)



An introduction by various authors to Swedenborg's labyrinthine interests and thoughts. A good resource book on Swedenborg.


Preface (Jonathan Rose & Stuart Shotwell)

Swedenborg's Life

The Inner Journey of Emanuel Swedenborg (Richard Smoley)

Theological Works

Swedenborg's Garden of Theology: An Introduction to Swedenborg's Published Theological Works (Jonathan S Rose)

Swedenborg's Modes of Presentation, 1745-1771 (George F Dole)

Swedenborg's Manuscripts (Frank S Rose)

Cultural Impact

The Influence of Emanuel Swedenborg in Scandinavia (Olle Hjern)

Swedenborg and Continental Europe (Jean-Francois Mayer)

Selected Examples of Swedenborg's Influence in Great Britain and the United States (Robert H Kirven & David B Eller)

Organizational Impact

Swedenborgian Churches and Related Institutions in Great Britain, the United States and Canada (Jane Williams-Hogan & David B Fuller)

New Church (Swedenborgian) Societies in the United States and Canada, 1790-2003 (Jane Williams-Hogan)

Examples of Internationalization: The New Church in Africa (Jane Williams-Hogan)

An Alternative Approach to Studying Swedenborg's Impact

Swedenborg's Influence: The Power of Three Selected Ideas (Alice B Skinner)

Bibliographies and Index

Recommended Works

Annotated Bibliography of Swedenborg's Writing

Works Cited


Additional Information

This book can be purchased from the Swedenborg Society in London, however, if you are in the USA, you should order directly from the Swedenborg Foundation. www.swedenborg.com