Swedenborg Foundation

Blake and Swedenborg: an Anthology

Edited by Harvey F Bellin and Darrell Ruhl

Dimensions:  230x215mm
Format: Paperback
Pages: 168
Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation
Editor: Harvey F Bellin and Darrell Ruhl
Place of publication: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Date of publication:

Blake and Swedenborg, an Anthology
(ISBN: 978-087785127-1)


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William Blake's visionary books of illuminated poems have fascinated readers for nearly 200 years. This anthology draws upon a variety of academic, literary and historical works to reveal the sources and meanings of Blake's art and the writings of Swedenborg and attempts to unite two giants of western mysticism.

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This book can be purchased from the Swedenborg Society in London, however, if you are in the USA, you should order directly from the Swedenborg Foundation. www.swedenborg.com


Introduction by George F Dole, and contributions from Kathleen Raine, Alexander Gilchrist, Raymond H Deck, Robert Hindmarsh, Donald C Fitzpatrick, H N Norris and Peter M Buss