The Word of the Old Testament Explained (9 volumes)

Emanuel Swedenborg

Format: Hardback
Publisher: The Academy of the New Church
Dimensions: 130x190mm
Language: English
Translator: Alfred Acton and Frank Sewall
Place of publication: USA
Date of publication: 1996

Word of the Old Testament Explained, The (9 volumes)
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During 1746, soon after abandoning the final section of The Worship and Love of God, Swedenborg began a study of the Bible, and produced four large folio volumes containing over 2000 manuscript pages of detailed biblical commentary. The Word Explained, as the work has been posthumously entitled, offers an analysis of the ‘Historical Word’ of the Old Testament (Genesis through to 2 Chronicles) and a start on the ‘Prophetical Word’ with an examination of Isaiah and Jeremiah. Swedenborg learnt Hebrew for the project, and we see him feeling his way to a description of the internal sense of the Word and the Doctrine of Correspondences. Importantly, The Word Explained also contains the first descriptions by Swedenborg of his spiritual and visionary experiences (making up the earliest entries of The Spiritual Diary) and these are interspersed among the scriptural explications.

This edition was first published between 1929-51.