The Interaction of Soul and Body

Latin/English Edition (2012)

Translator/Editor: John Elliott
Format: Limited edition hardback
Dimensions: 143 x 220 mm
Pages: 69
Publication date: 2012
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Swedenborg Society
Language: English & Latin

The Interaction of Soul & Body


New Translation


A new translation by John Elliott, featuring both Latin and English texts.

Mankind has always sought to understand how ideas can be gained by the mind through the body’s experience, and how the soul enters the mind. Written in response to Descartes and Christian Wolff, Swedenborg outlines his own views on this subject and how they differ from the philosophical ideas of his day.

Additional information

Dual language edition with newly edited Latin text of De Commercio Animae et Corporis (1769) and a facing page English translation, Regarding the Interaction of Soul and Body. Edited and translated by John Elliott with his Preface and an Introduction by Paul Vickers.