Small Theological Works and Letters

Emanuel Swedenborg

Format: Hardback
Pages: 338
Editor: John Elliott
Translators: John Elliott, John Chadwick, Dennis Duckworth, Donald Rose, Erik Sandström and D H Harley
Publisher: The Swedenborg Society
Dimensions: 140 x 20 mm
Language: English
Place of publication: London, UK
Date of publication: 1975

Small Theological Works and Letters
(ISBN: 978-085448081-4)



This volume contains small works and fragments left by Swedenborg in unpublished MSS, as well as a number of letters of a theological nature written by him. They are produced in the original language with a facing page English translation. Included are: The Lord; Justification; Index to Formula Concordiae; Precepts of the Decalogue; Summary in explanation of the Apocalypse; two MSS on Marriage; Five Memorabilia; Conversations with Angels; Sketch of an Ecclesiastical History; Reply to Ernesti; and more than thirty letters written by Swedenborg to Dr Beyer, F C Oetinger, Thomas Hartley, and others.