Scripture Confirmations of New Church Doctrine

Emanuel Swedenborg

Format: Hardback
Translator: James R Rendell, rev. John Whitehead
Publisher: The Swedenborg Society
Dimensions: 140 x 218 mm
Language: English
Place of publication: London, UK
Date of publication: 1962

Scripture Confirmations of New Church Doctrine
(ISBN: 978-085448066-1)



This little work is a manuscript that was composed in 1769 and it comprises a collection of passages from Scripture under subject headings gathered by Swedenborg for use in the composition of his works, such as:

Apostles; Christ; God the Father; Coming of the Lord; Faith; Charity and Good Works; Law and works; The Gospel; The Last Judgment; Baptism; The Holy Supper; Predestination; Repentance; Justification; Free Will; Imputation; Heaven and Salvation; Condemnation and Hell; Redemption; and Original Sin.

Additional Information

The first English translation of this work was published by the Swedenborg Society in 1906. This was revised by John Whitehead and published by the Swedenborg Foundation in New York in 1914. This is a reprint of the 1914 edition, but with British-English spellings.