Psychological Transactions

Emanuel Swedenborg

Format: Hardback
Pages: 282
Weight: 0.55 kg
Publisher: Swedenborg Scientific Association
Dimensions: 145 x 225 mm
Language: English
Translator: Alfred Acton
Editors: Erland J Brock, Donald C Fitzpatrick, Jr, Daniel W Goodenough and William R Woofenden
Place of publication: Bryn Athyn, PA
Date of publication: 1984

Psychological Transactions
(ISBN: 0-978143046348-1)



Collected essays from Swedenborg's early works. This book brings together several of Swedenborg’s posthumously published manuscript drafts: Faith in Christ; The Way to a Knowledge of the Soul; Faith and Good Works; Psychological Transactions; A Hieroglyphic Key to Spiritual and Natural Arcana; and Correspondences and Representations. In these ‘pre-illumination’ works we can see some parallels with ideas developed in Swedenborg’s later theological works, notably his doctrine of correspondences. As well as the Preface by the Translator from the 1920 edition, this volume also contains a Foreword to the 1984 edition, and revised indices.

Additional Information

Translations of De fide in Christum (1734); De via ad cognitionem animae (c. 1738); De fide et bonis operibus (c. 1738); Transactio prima de anima et ejus et corporis harmonia in genere (c. 1742); De origine et propagatione animae (c. 1742); De spiritu animali (c. 1742); De sanguine rubro (c. 1742); De actione (c. 1742); De sensatione, seu de corporis passione (c. 1742); Clavis hieroglyphica (c. 1742); and Introductio ad psychologiam rationalem, seu doctrina de correspondentia et representatione (c. 1741).