Posthumous Theological Works (2 vols)

Emanuel Swedenborg

This work is printed in two volumes.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 563 and 612
Dimensions: 140 x 210 mm
Editor: William Ross Woofenden
Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation
Translator: John Whitehead
Place of publication: West Chester, PA
Date of publication: 1996

Posthumous Theological Works (2 vols)
(ISBN: 978-087785289-6)



Posthumous Theological Works brings together many of Swedenborg’s smaller drafts and sketches. Vol. 1 contains: Autobiographical Letters of Emanuel Swedenborg; Coronis or Appendix to True Christian Religion; The Consummation of the Age, the Lord's Second Coming, and the New Church; Invitation to the New Church; Additions to True Christian Religion; Canons of the New Church; The Doctrine of Charity; Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of the New Church; Concerning the Sacred Scripture or the Word of the Lord from Experience (De Verbo); Last Judgment (Posthumous). Vol. 2 contains: Prophets and Psalms; Scripture Confirmations; Precepts of the Decalogue; Marriage; Indexes to the ‘Missing Treatise’ Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage; Five memorable relations; Conversations with angels; Justification and good works; A conversation with Calvin; God the Saviour, Jesus Christ; Specimen and sketch of the doctrine of the New Church; Theological Extracts from Swedenborg’s letters; Gad and Asher. This edition contains an Editor’s Preface to both volumes 1 and 2, a Translator’s Preface to vol. 1. Vol. 2 also features a translator’s Introduction to Summaries of the Internal Sense of the Prophetical Books, the Psalms, and Historical parts of the Word by E J E Schreck.

Additional Information

Many of the works contained here are also available in separate editions or in a different translation in Small Theological Works and Letters.