Swedenborg's Journal of Dreams 1743-1744

Emanuel Swedenborg

Translated by J J G Wilkinson; with an Introduction by Wilson Van Dusen

Format: Paperback
Pages: 120
Editor: William Ross Woofenden
Translator: James John Garth Wilkinson
Introduction: Wilson Van Dusen
Publisher: Swedenborg Scientific Association, Bryn Athyn, PA and Swedenborg Society, London
Dimensions: 132 x 208 mm
Date of Publication: 1989
Language: English

Swedenborg's Journal of Dreams 1743-1744
(ISBN 0-915221-67-5)



'We are privileged to see here what is probably the oldest and longest series of dreams available in any language. For those who really want to understand spiritual develpoment we could not have had a more fortuitous kind of material. The Journal was written just when Swedenborg, the scientist, was changing to become the religious seer. These dreams show the development leading to his later experience of heaven and hell'.

Wilson Van Dusen (from his Introduction)

Also available in a different English translation (by Anders Hallengren), with extensive commentary and critical apparatus by Lars Bergquist, as Swedenborg's Dream Diary.