Divine Love and Wisdom

Emanuel Swedenborg

Format: Hardback/Paperback
Pages: 228
Publisher: The Swedenborg Society
Place of publication: London, UK
Date of publication: 1987
Dimensions: 145 x 220 mm
Language: English
Translator: Clifford Harley and Doris Harley

Divine Love and Wisdom
(ISBN: 9780854480968)



Divine Love and Wisdom
(ISBN: 9780854480975)



Divine Love and Wisdom, tr. H Goyder Smith (1937)
(ISBN 9780854480326)


deluxe leather gilt-edged edition


Divine Love and Wisdom is one of the more philosophical of Swedenborg’s theological works and has attracted famous readers such as William Blake and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Swedenborg looks at the Creator and Creation, the role of man and his relationship to both the Divine and the world around him—his fellow men and the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds. This edition includes a brief Preface from the translators and an Index.

Additional Information
Translation of Sapientia angelica de Divino Amore et de Divina Sapientia (1763).