Conjugial Love (Boxed Edition)

Emanuel Swedenborg

Format: Paperback
Pages: 548
Publisher: The Swedenborg Society
Dimensions: 125 x 210 mm
Language: English
Translator: John Chadwick
Place of publication: London, UK
Date of publication: 1996

Conjugial Love (boxed edition)
(ISBN: 978-0-85448-122-4)


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A limited edition boxed volume.

Swedenborg was one of the only philosophers of his time - or of any time - to place such intrinsic value on human relationships. He believed that love, and married love in particular, mirrors the love of the divine. In Conjugial Love, Swedenborg elaborates on this by claiming to explain the different feminine and masculine qualities and how these correspond to one another.

According to Swedenborg, there are vital 'correspondences' between love and wisdom and between physical and spiritual love; thus the transcendental meaning of marriage is an important part of Swedenborg's dynamic vision of reality. He also narrates his conversations with angels about love and marriage, claiming that all he writes is proven by what he experienced in heaven and hell.