Biblia Sacra

In 2 volumes, with annotations by Swedenborg

Sebastian Schmidt

Format: Paperback
Pages: 900
Editor: R L Tafel
Publisher: Academy of the New Church
Dimensions: 200mmx240mm
Place of publication: USA

Biblia Sacra (2 Vols)



A facsimile edition of one of the Latin Bibles used by Swedenborg complete with his handwritten annotations. The Bible is the translation of Sebastian Schmidt (Strasbourg, 1696) and Swedenborg’s copy of it is housed at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm. This edition contains the Praefatiuncula Editoris to the 1872 reproduction and also a Preface to the 2005 Edition, the latter explaining how a number of pages missing from the 1872 reproduction have been reinstalled in the present edition.