The Feeling of What Happens / Smile or Die

Swedenborg Society Transaction no. 8

By Dr David Lister

A signed, limited-edition print

Format: paperback
Language: English
Place of publication: London, UK.
Date of publication: 2013
Limited edition: 100

The Feeling of What Happens / Smile or Die
(ISBN 9780854481743)


Limited Edition


THE FEELING OF WHAT HAPPENS focuses upon one of Swedenborg's remarkable visions of 250 years ago, which foresaw, with amazing accuracy, the parts of the brain responsible for the emotions.

SMILE OR DIE explores the modern knowledge we have about the evolution of the brain, with particular reference to the cerebellum and its functions as described in the work of eighteenth century scientist and mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg.

DR DAVID LISTER is the current chairman of the Swedenborg Society and a member for the past 19 years. His diverse interests - scientific, spiritual and charitable- reflect those found in Swedenborg's writings. David was a medical missionary in India and then a surgeon in Denmark, before returning to England to practice as a GP for the latter part of his career.